Would You Like (Free) Fries With That?

Customer: do i get any gifts?

Employee: You get one free domain name.

Customer: oooh that is very nice of your company, can i get a free laptop as well to manage my account?


Customer: Upon payment, do i get a new digital camera as a gift to take a pic of my web site and share it with my friends and family?


A Little Too Trusting

The following is from a question who is a customer of a customer.

Woman: I have a Woolworths Everyday Rewards card and am at present receiving reminders to enter a competition for Christmas, yet each day the message says “Merry Christmas [Name]'” – my name is not [Provides her full name] so I wonder if they are registering me against the correct card number or whether someone has the same number or something else that would cause this oddity to happen – my card number is [Gives FULL card number]- I am in Brisbane, Australia – I did try to query via email but was asked to use this [provides a wrong and unrelated] website.