Unintentionally Admitted Guilt

The customer calls in complaining that they have been warned that there may be content on their account which needs to be removed so they don’t get shut down for violating Terms of Service. Some of these terms include not using the servers for personal storage, and not hosting illegal content/warez, etc.

Customer: i don’t understand

Customer: first what should i do ?

Tech: This isn’t really a pressing matter. You’re not going to be in trouble for 60,000 files, it’s just a notice so you know that you have passed 50,000 — which is not a big deal

Tech: If you kept adding files and files till you had hundreds of thousands of files that would be a big deal.

Tech: Just be aware the limit is 50,000 and that you are slightly over so if you notice some files you don’t need on the server, remove them. That is all

Customer: you mean pictures , songs , ….

Tech: any files

Tech: just don’t store unnecessary things on the server

Tech: If the file doesn’t need to be there for your site, then remove it

Customer: They all need my site cause my site is warez

Tech: That wasn’t the right thing to say

Technical Gods

Tech: Welcome to our support chat. I take a number of chats at a time, so there might be a delay in my responses.

Customer: Hello, Why is god not seem to be hairy? Thank you
Tech: I apologize, but I’m not sure what I can help with. Can you please clarify for me?
Customer: okay
Customer: Whenever you see a picture of God, you never see him to be hairy on his body… i was wondering what you think about it?
Tech: I apologize, but this is actually not a question covered by our technical support services. I would recommend you direct this question to a local Pastor.