Customer: hello I buy in your company, you can login FTP space can help me solve, I am from China thank My name is [username:] the user

Tech: What program are you using to login?

Customer: flashFXP

Tech: What are the FTP details you are using?

Customer: yes
Customer: China

Tech: What are the details you are entering to login?

Customer: Connection

Tech: What is the information the program asks you for, and what are you entering in flashFXP?

Customer: 似的

Tech: What are you entering for the hostname, the username etc?

Customer: uesr id
Customer: I speak English well

Tell it Like it is

Customer: I buy your service , our domain should place to a suitable ip range could be open from china
Customer: that we need

Tech: we start off with a certain ip range. China then deems certain sites as not worthy of displaying in mainland china.
Tech: so they block the ip.
Tech: this blocked hundreds of domains at a time.

Customer: I can not imaging why do you place our domain in de brocked rang?

Tech: its not like we have a tool here that says our domains are blocked by china.
Tech: we know they are blocked by china when china decideds to block them and people suddenly find they can no longer visit a site.
Tech: there is no such thing as an ip that is safe.
Tech: they can block any ip they feel like at any time.
Tech: your sites are innocent, if you bought a dedicated ip you would not have an issue.
Tech: as is the case with most people visiting your site.

Customer: I have ask to china department they told us thant only the IP range has illegal website

Tech: your sites are up and functional.

Customer: they will blocked it

Tech: illegal to china is hardly illegal to the rest of the world.
Tech: what constitutes illegal in china?
Tech: I don’t know. I am not chinese.

Hosting Virtual Real Estate

Tech: Welcome to our real-time support chat.

Customer: why
i’d like to know more about residence wiem mahdia

Tech: I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re asking.

Customer: because i’d like to rent a flat in july

Coworker to Tech: tell him it’s 2 months security deposit upfront, NO smoking and NO PETS!!!
Coworker to Tech:
there is, however, a camel hitch at the entrance to the driveway.