Too Teaming of Toos!

Tu took Tuu’s tutu to too-too Tutu Tutelage til two to two.
Tuu took Tu’s tutu to too-too Tutu Tutelage til two to two, too!
Til two to two, too, Tutti Toot took tutu’s to Tutuila to toot to too-too tutors til two to two.
Til two to two, too-too Tu, too-too, Tuu, n’ too-too Tutti Toot, took too, TOO, teeming too’s to truth, too.

Obfuscating Superfluity

Customer: Really new at this! Please speak to me like I do not know anything!! Thanks, Jane Doe

Tech(to self): Trust me Jane, wouldn’t dream of it.

Dear Customer,

I entirely comprehend your apprehension in receiving a verbose response, rife with a cacophony of technical jargon. Rest assured, I make absolutely no intention of obfuscating any point amongst a myriad of unfamiliar vernacular.

[John Doe]