In a moment it was over, the deed already done
As crows lost to the weather, or lights behind the sun

He tamed the beast within himself and changed his every way
She heard him not, forgave him not, love lost to the fray

He bound the strong and flailing tongue and crawled upon his knees
She saw him not, listened not, as God who surely sees

And pay he did, with all he could give, struggling through each day
Till at last, with change of heart her anger went away

But though she finally forgave his deed–strength renewed to live
With all the weight o’er the years, himself he now could not forgive

Copyright 2012

Of War and Love

Myths of summer, spring and fall, winter never coming
Perfect hue, sunset sky, and pure angelic humming
Sun-bright stars across the waves, forever in its wake
Trust now given, thunder rolls, serenity proclaims a fake

Break the vow, scratch the oath, feelings only matter now
Heal the hurt, snap the neck, separate the head for dow
Love the children, hate the child, blame the passerby
For all must know that though we live, we are only born to die

Love now lost for far too many, hope is dying down
Crowns of darkness, hate and envy, sit on ev’ry brow
Kindness buried, memories hidden, a war-stricken land
Raise the blade, prepare the gun, tote the poor lover’s contraband

For time and time again nations have risen to fall
And still the truth cannot be seen midst the prideful gall
A nation’s wars never start from any foreign Rome
In peace and plenty, in the family, the war began at home.

Copyright 2012