Contact My Developer

Q: Hi, I’m having trouble contacting my developer, can you contact him for me?

A: What inspired you to think that I would somehow know 1) Who you are, 2) Who your developer is, and most importantly… How did you know I had access to everyone’s contact information in the whole world? … Hold on a minute while I take a break to contact my lawyer about a ‘package’ that may need investigation and/or disposal of.

With that done. Definitely, yes! I can contact your developer! Please send me your credit card number, security code, full name and date of birth and I’ll get right on that!

Hosted Site

Q: What’s the difference between a hosted site and a normal site?

A: All websites that are online anywhere are actually ‘hosted’ in one sense or another, whether you are an administrator and host your own, or whether you have some company that does it for you.

But maybe you weren’t wondering about websites? Maybe you were referring to a real physical location with a host or hostess?

A hosted site might be something like a camp trail with a guide, or a host. And if you want a web site, try something like this. I’d definitely suggest you have a host if you go to a place like this. That way you can push him into the web and run if you have to!